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October 14th, 2017

The Greatest Job Ever

Have you ever really analyzed why you coach at the high school level, and why it might just be the greatest job ever? Consider the follow reasons, all of which make coaching high school sports an awesome opportunity. Read More...

October 14th, 2017

Non-Traditional Methods for Motivation

The motivational strategies of passionate speeches, inspirational quotes, and yelling are usually just short-term solutions. In order to keep your athletes motivated day in and day out, you will have to create an environment that feeds the competitive fire within. Read More...

October 8th, 2017

The Student-Athlete Balance

In high school athletics, we coach student-athletes—and the implication is that they are students first. What happens when being both a student and an athlete creates a time conflict? Read More...

October 7th, 2017

Fun, Effective Practices

Practice is meant to make players better, but this doesn’t happen automatically. Making training both fun and effective starts with organization. Before each practice, take some time to plan out what to focus on and how to provide your athletes with as many opportunities to get better as possible. Read More...

September 30th, 2017

Working with your Athletic Trainer

For a successful collaboration, it is important to understand the roles you and your athletic trainer each play. You both care about the athletes, but you deal with different aspects of their participation. The following are some considerations for developing and maintaining a good working relationship. Read More...


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