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February 11th, 2017

Eight Tips for Becoming A Better Coach

Jon Gruden is best known as a Super Bowl winning football coach and the voice of Monday Night Football. But he’s also dedicated himself to helping coaches at all levels of the sport and regularly spends time talking with high school coaches about the game. At USA Football’s recent national conference, he offered coaches eight tips for becoming a better coach. Read More...

February 5th, 2017

Getting The Most From Your Players

Molly West, Head Volleyball Coach at Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, always manages to get the most out of her athletes. Since 1998, the team has qualified for all but one state tournament and the Thunder brought home the trophy in 2014 and 2015. In this interview, she talks about team camaraderie, demanding a lot from her players, and working with parents. Read More...

February 5th, 2017

Prepping to be a Head Coach

There are steps to take and things to learn if you are an assistant coach wanting to be head coach someday. The following ideas should help you on your journey. Read More...

January 29th, 2017

Setting Team Goals

At the first team meeting of the year, most coaches outline a few goals. These goals might include winning a league title or perhaps even shooting for a state championship. Other years, goals might be less lofty. What are some ideas on constructing goals? Read More...

January 28th, 2017

Coaching Every Athlete

Not every athlete responds to the same type of feedback or practice style. It’s important to get to know each athlete, so that coaches can meet the needs of each personality in a motivational way. Read More...