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October 8th, 2016

Encouraging Multi-Sport Participation

With more young athletes specializing in one sport, coaches needs to take a step back and look at the positives and negatives of this trend. New research has shown that too much time spent playing a single sport is likely to do more harm than good for an athlete, as it limits their physical and mental growth. For coaches looking to get the most out of their athletes, consider doing these three things to encourage multi-sport participation. Read More...

October 8th, 2016

When is Yelling the Correct Move?

Most coaches yell at some point. If nothing else, raising your voice may be the only way to make sure your athletes hear you across the court or field. However, there are times when yelling is appropriate and times when it’s inappropriate. Here's a look at three common scenarios and evaluate whether yelling would be appropriate or counterproductive. Read More...

October 2nd, 2016

Learning from Other Coaches at Your School

Even though someone may coach another sport, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to learn a great deal from this person. And the best part is that these individuals are right there in your building. What can you learn from good, experienced coaches in your school regardless of the sport that they coach? Here are a few things. Read More...

October 1st, 2016

Remaining Upbeat

Coaching a struggling team can be a challenge. Losses can weigh heavily on you and your student-athletes. But there are ways to avoid letting a poor star to a season become disheartening. A high school football coach in Texas talks about the difficulties his squad has faced during their current season, and how he’s kept the spirits of his players and his staff up. Read More...

September 24th, 2016

Positive Attitudes in the Face of Competition

Too much time focused on winning and competing can distract from other important aspects of coaching young athletes. Teaching good sportsmanship and promoting respect for opponents often gets overlooked, but these are just as important to developing life skills. Coaches should be proactive about the conduct of their athletes and consider these four methods for promoting positive attitudes in the face of competition. Read More...