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March 5th, 2016

10 Thoughts on Character Building

Be assured that your players know the job you are doing and are growing into men and women in your presence because of your leadership. They will stay in your life long after the last game is over. Here are thoughts and advice for providing leadership to your athletes. Read More...

February 27th, 2016

Post-Game Interaction

What you say to your players after a game is critical to the team’s future success. Read More...

February 27th, 2016

Success in Postseason Play

Jason Strunk, Head Football Coach at Lubbock (Texas) High School who was recently honored with the Semper Fi Coach Award from the U.S. Marine Corps, offers the following insights into how to train for the postseason. Read More...

February 21st, 2016

Messages to Motivate Athletes

These are brief motivational messages that coaches have used in motivating their athletes to get the most out of their athletic experience. Read More...

February 21st, 2016

Ten Traits of Successful Programs

Successful coaches weave these 10 principles into all aspects of their team's activities—whether it be during the off-season or pre-season, or in practice and in games. Read More...