The Right Range

There is a high degree of tension in the muscles of a well-trained athlete. That is what makes them explosive. Because this is the make-up of well-trained athletes, they often are in danger of “pulling a muscle." The question is, how do you prevent this from happening? First, you have to establish a safe range of motion (ROM). ROM refers to the ability of the athlete to reach full extension of a joint and its supporting musculature. Read More...

Talking Points

Postgame speeches can be a challenge for young coaches. Especially after a loss, frustrations can run high, and it can be hard to bite your tongue. That can be dangerous, as coaches have been criticized for inappropriate postgame speeches. But there are ways to ensure that your speech is not only appropriate, but also beneficial for your players Read More...

Encouraging Multi-Sport Participation

With more young athletes specializing in one sport, coaches needs to take a step back and look at the positives and negatives of this trend. New research has shown that too much time spent playing a single sport is likely to do more harm than good for an athlete, as it limits their physical and mental growth. For coaches looking to get the most out of their athletes, consider doing these three things to encourage multi-sport participation. Read More...
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